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Steven Keblin's history of professionalism, as told by grateful customers.

“ Your owner operator, Steven, arrived a day early to begin inventorying and loading a shipment for our customer. The origin agent had all good things to say about the way Steven presented himself when he came in to get his paperwork. Upon arrival at the residence, I spoke with Steven several times. He went out of his way to help the customer and put the family at ease. There are two things that I have been made aware of that make Steven an exemplary driver and stand out above the rest. The customer had arranged for a third-party carrier to move his vehicle. But the carrier was not sure it could make a pickup before the customer left origin. The customer was agreeable to paying the Mayflower tariff charge if the vehicle could be moved on the van. Steven said he was aware of the situation and kept it in mind while loading that he might need to handle the vehicle as well. He was able to load the vehicle so that the customer didn’t have to worry about his car being stranded at origin. Steven’s quick thinking indebted the customer to him. Also, the customer had some fish that they were not personally able to accommodate in their travel arrangements. Steven set up the pump and tank in his cab and they arrived safe and sound at destination. My heartfelt thanks to Steven for going above and beyond the call of duty to assist our national account customer.”

Peggy W.

“Owner Operator, Steven and his Team received high praise for their great attitudes and hard work and helping insure the move went smoothly for an SSA employee. The customer said that if he ever needed to move again, he would work his schedule around Steven’s excellent service. What a testimony to fantastic service.”


This is a personal letter from the then Chairman of Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC). ERC is an organization that is recognized in the industry as the authority on relocation and international assignments in the U.S. and major global traffic areas. The Chairman position is the highest seat in the land as far as the moving industry is concerned. For a professional mover doing corporate relocations in the U.S. this letter is like receiving an Oscar from the Academy. It is the highest praise… period.

“On behalf of our clients and their relocation families, I want to both thank and congratulate you for your outstanding performance throughout the year. Earning our distinctive award for Excellent Claims Performance and Top Overall Driver marks you as one of the top performers in the industry. You work for the #1 rated company, thus your achievements earn you great respect and admiration from your colleagues and your peers throughout the moving business.”

Kevin R.

“Relocating my family to a new state was very stressful to say the least. However, the professional courtesy shown to me and my family from Steven and his team was overwhelming. Every aspect of the move was executed to perfection. Steven and his team exemplified hard work, commitment to excellence and a concern for others. At General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products, we say our senior leadership is “the best of the best.” You need to know that Steven and his team are also “the best of the best” and represent your company in an ethical, professional manner. How fortunate you are to have these fine gentlemen represent your company.”

Dawn A.

“Steven was extremely professional throughout the entire move. He cared for our possessions and my pregnant wife throughout our move. Steven made the entire moving experience enjoyable. Being in Sales, I understand Steven is your face to the world. His actions and behavior shape the opinion of your company, which ultimately leads to your success. You should consider yourself lucky and be proud you have a representative like Steven to enhance the success of your company.”

Robert H.

“My wife and I recently had our third consecutive move with your company - over the years we have moved about 10 times. This experience has been exceptionally good. Steven and his crew handled our local Princeton move in as helpful, professional & efficient manner as we could image. They were sensitive to the burden of my wife, Carol, and by the end of the week had her not only at ease but amazed how quickly the new house became a home, essentially free of boxes and largely decorated with no apparent damage. I wanted to extend and acknowledge the excellent work by Steven and his crew.”

Myron G.

“ From start to finish, the service I received was without peer…the top-notch professionalism of Steven and his teammates and the experience with your company was excellent. I feel special thanks go to Steven and his crew who worked tirelessly, never let their commitment to service slip, kept us informed and went beyond the call of duty.”

Mark T.

“I want to thank you for the fantastic movers! Never in my life have I met movers who were as professional as Steven and his crew. At a time when everything about our world was changing these men introduced a clear path ahead which lent to calmness for me and my family. Steven learned that we were concerned about flying our family dog, April, across country from CA to VA. He offered to take April with him in his truck rather than us risking April’s health/life in the cargo bay of an aircraft. We accepted his offer and were immediately relieved of the stress regarding her being put at risk due to stress and temperature extremes on the aircraft. Once Steven arrived in VA we had a great reunion with April and Steven. There is no way that I could have selected a more competent person than Steven to make this happen. We feel very special with the service we received.”

Wes. K.

Awards presented to Steve Keblin for his dedicated service.

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...the extra mile:

“…we look forward to adding your testimonial to our list of satisfied customer comments. If you have any special circumstances that make your move outside the norm...just give us a call and we will do our best to take care of you”

By: Steve Keblin, Owner, Greenlite Movers