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Tips for Moving Green

Almost everything we do affects the environment in one way or another. With the increase of the effects of global warming, to the ever growing toxic landfills, this increases our concerns on the effects to our planet. We can all have a positive impact on the environment by making small changes in our daily habits. When it comes to moving green, it takes a commitment to making environmentally friendly choices. It is definitely worth the effort and does make a difference. GREENLITE MOVERS has analyzed the moving green process from start to finish. We have put in place practices, green moving products and green moving procedures to ensure that moving green can be affordable while leaving the smallest possible carbon footprint as you relocate.


GREENLITE MOVERS has the moving side of moving green covered:

  • 100% solar powered office.
  • We use 100% recycled packing material: Boxes and packing paper.
  • We use 95% cotton moving pads.
  • We wear 100% cotton uniforms.
  • We use electronic billing options with all third-party companies.
  • We use rubber fasteners while wrapping furniture with moving pads instead of packing tape.
  • Our floor protection product is made of 100% recycled materials.
  • All four wheel dollies are a wood product and not processed steel.
  • We recycle all company materials ranging from a soda can, to a water bottle, to a toner cartridge.
  • Relationships with third-party companies are 95% paperless.
  • Strongly recommended phone/electronic estimates. This drastically reduces the move’s carbon footprint.
  • We use refillable gallon jugs on the job site which saves us from recycling hundreds of plastic bottles monthly.

Your part in the moving green process:

  • Recycle, recycle, recycle – this is a must when moving green. More than 90% of household items can be recycled, reused and/or donated in some fashion. We can help with this on Move Day. We prefer to donate to church or not for profit organizations.
  • Pack your belongings in used boxes. Whether you go to a local supermarket or liquor store or search on the internet for people getting rid of moving boxes , there is always a way to find used boxes.
  • Pack your boxes with household materials. Instead of using paper or Styrofoam packing materials, use bath towels, kitchen towels, sheets and or clothing to help pack and wrap fragile items. Also, you can save your daily newspapers. Newspapers make great packing materials for glass items.
  • Don’t make several trips in the family vehicle before Move Day to bring small items to the new home. This could easily double or triple your carbon footprint.
  • When disposing of hazardous materials such as paints, cleaning supplies, batteries, insecticides, gasoline and motor oil contact your state environmental protection agency for advice and instructions of acceptable disposal methods and sites.

...the extra mile:

“Steven learned that we were concerned about flying our family dog, April, across country from CA to VA. He offered to take April with him in his truck rather than us risking April’s health/life in the cargo bay of an aircraft. We accepted his offer and were immediately relieved of the stress regarding her being put at risk due to stress and temperature extremes on the aircraft.”  (read more)